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Hello and welcome to Buddies…Dog Adventures by Diane. I can fulfill all your petcare needs, providing loving and responsible in- home petsitting for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, fish, reptiles, and exotics.

Buddies’ personalized services provide a convenient, stress free alternative to boarding facilities. Increase your pet’s comfort and eliminate owner / pet anxiety by allowing your pet/s to stay in their own home. All services are customized to insure that your pet/s feels comfortable and secure. Additional services include dog walking, both on and off leash. I also provide pet birthday or special occasion parties, upon request.

For your pet’s safety and your peace of mind, I am fully insured, bonded, and permitted by the EBRPD. I am a member of the Humane Society of the US, PSI, and I served as Educational Coordinator of EBPSA. I participate in volunteer, charitable, and docent work in the community. My professional degrees include a Master's degree from Lehigh University, plus extensive postgraduate work. I feel a strong commitment to my clients. I occasionally subcontract petsitting responsibilities in the event of conflicting time commitments. If a subcontractor is used, the client will have an opportunity to meet the caregiver. I provide most services myself unless specified to the client.

Buddies....Dog Adventures by Diane evolved organically as I provided for my own pets' needs. I rescued Buddy, an Australian shepherd, in 1986. After three obedience classes and the addition of Roo, a cattle dog, it became transparently clear that we all needed a leashfree environment. I began taking my dogs on daily trail runs in Redwood Park, which fulfilled their herding needs. The offleash excursions began to include neighborhood pets, which was appreciated by humans and canine companions. After several years of providing a free service to Rockridge neighbors, it occurred to me that this could be a small business and Buddies...Dog Adventures by Diane, was born.

Mission Statement: Buddies will provide exceptional, loving care for all pet companions in the comfort, security, and convenience of their own homes. Home security, stimulating park excursions, on leash neighborhood walks, and play are high priorities. I am committed to honesty, integrity, quality care, and open communication in my client relationships.